Urban Touch why you disappear?!?!?

Urban Touch was an Indian online store which sold make up, lingerie and the likes of it. Now... It just... It just DISAPPEARED!!!!!!


Yes i know i'm hyperventilating but i CAN'T HELP IT! Urban touch was amazing and I loved it and now it's some fashion store which has (some amazing) discounts but still.... Urban Touch was, you know... URBAN TOUCH! Sigh! Now i have to look for other sites. I mean i do have flipkart but it doesn't have as much stock as UT had. :(

And i guess i better stop boring you and go... 
thanks for listening to (reading) me rant! 
Serena xx

{ http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-08-29/news/33451973_1_fashion-jewellery-flash-sales-urban-touch }


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