Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Garnier Ultra Blends 5 precious herbs (Shampoo+Conditioner)

Hallo there minions! ^_^

I’m back!

I got really busy with college (That’s right! I’m in college  now! *evil laugh*) and life in general and couldn’t concentrate on blogging. But now, I’ve decided to get back to blogging!

 Yaaayy – Is not the sound that I hear.

Moving on!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Book Review: Forget You - Jennifer Echols

Most people prefer to read ‘Earth shattering’ and ‘Life altering’ books.
Me? I prefer to read something which is light, airy and doesn’t let me dwell on my problems.
And I think Forget you is the perfect book that way. I mean, it’s not great but it’s not that bad either.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Birthday Bumps: Nick Needs a Kick (Not really)

So yeah, procrastination. Pretty big a word right? Yeah, that’s like my middle name. I’m the biggest procrastinator in this world.

Why am I, like the biggest procrastinator in this world you ask?

Well, apart from NOT updating my blog, I’ve also put off making a card I’d promised my bestie for his birthday… Last year.
Yeah, I’m a horrible person.
Now, being the lazy bum I am, I decided not to make him a conventional card. I’m going to write about him on my blog.

So Nick, Sweetie, this one’s for you.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

(Review) Oriflame Very Me Vinyl Lipgloss in Spicy red and Berry Kiss

Ah! How long has it been since I updated my blog? A month? Two months? A whole decade?

Lol! Sorry about that guys! School’s been keeping me real busy. But I’m back now and intend to update atleast once a month. I mean week. What’s wrong with me? -_-

Anyways, today I’m reviewing the Oriflame Very Me Vinyl Lip Glosses in Spicy red and Berry kiss.

Monday, 9 December 2013

(Review) Loreal Paris Color Protect Protecting Conditioner (The worst conditioner ever)

I know I haven’t been updating and stuff, and I’m really sorry! But I’m having my mids right now so yeah, no time.

But anyways, here’s a quick review on the WORST CONDTIONER I’ve ever used.

The only reason why I chose the Color protect conditioner was because I’d figured it would be the same as the conditioner they’d given with the Casting Crème hair dyes.

I was soooooooooooooo wrong!

Friday, 29 November 2013

(Review) Neutrogena Norwegian Formula LipBalm

Winter = Dryness = Chapped Lips

I love winter, but with winter there comes the need for extra protection of our skin.

After noticing that my lips were getting chapped and painful, I decided to buy a lip balm. I wanted to buy a LipIce lip balm but unfortunately, it’s not available where I stay. And I didn’t want a Nivea lip balm even though they’re pretty popular as I find them really greasy and heavy on my lips.

As I was going through the rack, my eyes fell on the Neutrogena lip balm, or rather, the ‘Made in Korea’ sign. And, being the Korean freak that I am, immediately bought it. It’s a love hate relationship for me. *sigh*

Saturday, 16 November 2013

(Review) The Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara

I’m probably the only Indian Blogger who has not reviewed the Lakme Eyeconic Mascara! Lol!
So, after reading countless number of reviews of this mascara, I decided to give it a try.

It was hate at first try.

When I first got it, it was so, so, SO darn watery, it clumped my lashes and it was like Welcome to Clumpville or Say hello to the Tarantula look.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

(Review) The Nivea Light Feeling Daily Face Sun Fluid with SPF 50

I’d like to introduce you to the new love of my life – The Nivea Sunscreen. Yeah, sure they say Face Fluid blah, blah, blah on the cover but it’s just a fancier word for sunscreen.

I have never used a sunscreen all the sixteen years I’ve walked this earth and I’ve had enough damage done to my skin to last me a lifetime. So this time, when they announced our sports meet I knew that it was gonna be one hectic month in the sun. So to save my poor skin I decided to buy this. Plus I got a facewash worth 99 INR free! :D

Friday, 18 October 2013

K-Drama: The Heirs Episode One


The Heirs Episode One

I’m not much of a Korean Drama fan (I’m more of a K-pop gal) but I’m getting hooked! After seeing all the hype over The Heirs, I finally decided to check it out. My expectations of the drama were quite high because of all the hype surrounding it and Lee Min Ho, who happens to be oh so totally gorgeous! I just love his look in City Hunter! He’s like this bad ass hunky dude! He’s just so yummy! He’s –

Saturday, 12 October 2013

(Review) Oriflame Power Shine Satin in Satin Mauve

I’ve decided to unofficially appoint myself as the brand ambassador for Oriflame. I’m back with another review, this time of Oriflame’s Power Shine Lipstick in Satin Mauve.

Monday, 23 September 2013

A rant against romance

As a teen I loved… LOVED Mills and Boons. All that romance, passion, love and of course, for the more hormonal side of me – Coitus, as Sheldon Cooper refers to it. Recently, one of my friends dropped off a whole bag of Mills and Boons and as I sat reading all of them I couldn’t help but notice how alike all of them were. So I took a pen and a book and vented out my frustration. And I will rewrite my musings for you.

Garnier Ultra Blends 5 precious herbs (Shampoo+Conditioner)

Hallo there minions! ^_^ I’m back! I got really busy with college (That’s right! I’m in college  now! *evil laugh*) and li...