Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Very Me Graffiti Nail Polishes Review

I’ve wanted to review the Very Me Graffiti Nail polishes ever since mom bought them for me. They’re cool… Sexy even. However I bite my nails so I can’t really say they suited me well but I did get one of my friends to model her hands for me. And before I start, here are a few disclaimers… Please keep in mind that I’m still a teenager. I am not very good at applying nail polishes. So please don’t judge when you see nail polish all over my friend’s fingers!

Now moving on…

Today I’m reviewing Oriflame’s Very Me Graffiti nail polishes. These nail polishes are AMAZING! The moment you apply them they start drying and cracks appear all over them. 

They have three colours – Black, Blue and Pink. I have blue and pink although I wish I had black instead of pink because the pink doesn’t suit my dusky skin tone. It’s kind of garish and in your face kind. They also have a silver and gold basecoat.
 I did the review with the pink polish because mom gave my silver and blue to one of her friend’s to try on. Sigh! Just when I wanted to do my review!


The glossy handles are a huge sucker for finger prints! 

Each bottle contains about 8ml of polish. It’s really easy to apply. But you have to make sure your fan is switched off before applying, or else the polish will start drying on the applicator itself and it’ll be tough to apply it. Other than that, these nail polishes are definitely a must buy.  And if you apply a clear polish on top, it gets this polished and shiny look. These polishes are definitely a seller! And those who love nail art… This is just for YOU! I feel if you use a black nail polish as a base for the pink nail polish I'm currently reviewing, you definitely have a seller. 
Each bottle costs about 198INR which is kind of on the expensive side but worth it!

This is the base coat.

See what i mean about the nail polish spreading? Gotta work on it! Sigh!

Hand Model: Padma
Nail Artist: Moi!

So what do you think of these nail polishes? Have you tried them before?
Serena xx


  1. Love the gold base coat! <3 :3

    1. I love it too! Thanks for visiting hon!

  2. can i use any othe nail polish as a base coat and only the graffiti top coat?????


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