Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The beach! THE BEACH!

So a few days... Ok months back, I decided (as I always do) that it was about time I lose weight. So my cousin and I decided to drown our calories in the ocean. Everyday, day after day, tirelessly we walked to the beach and came up with a very fun way to lose weight. Instead of walking on the foot paths why don't we just  walk in the water.

 So there we were, the only two people walking along the shore getting wet and holding our shoes above the water. The tides out here are pretty high so we kinda got wet up till our waists. It was fun though and as I sat remembering the fun we had I thought I'll show you some of the pictures I took... 

Our feet when the waves crashed over!

There was a kinda pit next to the rock we were sitting on... So when the waves crashed over it looked like this! :)


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