Monday, 11 March 2013

My mini haul!

I had a break between my exams today and I felt like shopping. Enter daddy – kins (Isn’t that what Veronica Lodge calls her dad? Lol!) who agreed to take me out. The best part about going out with papa is that he never says no to anything! Lucky me right? Whenever I go out with mom, I check out all the cosmetics and then say “Um… Not now. I’ll come back later” And walk off. So anyways, I went with dad today and bought two lip glosses and then I got a third one free! :D

I also decided to take my ‘Perfect in makeup’ quest a step further and bought a compact powder. 
I also bought a deodorant! :D
And that is why, I am very excited to present to you Unhealthy Obsession’s first post about a haul! (Excuse the camera quality please!)
So let’s take a peek at my shopping cart!

1)      Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact in golden medium. Price: 170 INR. I got it for 153INR… 10% off! :D
However, after coming home I realized the shade I’d bought was one shade lighter than my original skin tone!
And the worst part was that I was gonna but the correct shade but the other shade looked better so I bought that! DAMN YOU YELLOW LIGHTS!! Grrrr!!!

2)     Dove Go fresh Body deodorant in grapefruit and lemongrass. Price: 160 INR

3)     Maybeliine Water Shine Lipgloss – Caramel Pearl, Chocolate Glitters and Naked Brown. I honestly thought that chocolate glitters was an amethyst shade (Can’t remember the name! ) under those yellow bulbs. Sigh! DAMN YOU YELLOW BULBS! Price: 210INR (each) but I got them for 200INR and when I bought two I got one free… so YAAAY! :D
And that ladies is my very teeny, teeny tiny haul! (And if I forgot to mention earlier, my very first haul about which I’m blogging ‘bout!) :D

Until later….
Serena xoxo

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