Tuesday, 21 May 2013

DIY Face Peel For Hypersensitive Skin

I think my hypersensitive skin is the bane of my life. I have a tough time finding stuff which actually suits my face. Lemons or anything citrus for that matter of fact don’t work. Luckily honey does and I praise God for that.

Also, being a student, I have a limited budget which means I’m always on the search for DIY recipes which don’t mess with my skin or my money. I’m very stingy you see.

So now, I proudly present to you a DIY face peel which won’t mess with your skin even if your skin is hypersensitive and it goes easy on your pocket. Real easy.

Ingredients required:
One egg white 

Tissue paper (It should be thin)

Once you separate the egg yolk and the egg white, make scrambled egg with the yolk so that it doesn't get spoiled.

Rub the egg white all around your face and then place the tissue on your face. I used a toilet roll and then separated the two papers. If you are patient you can cut out holes for you eyes, nostrils and lips or if you’re like me, just stick it on and tear away the extra paper. Also, try not to do this is front of kids because I assure you; you’ll look like an extra from the movie The Mummy Returns.

Now, rub egg white all over the tissue to keep it in place and fifteen minutes later or when dry (It’ll be stiff) just peel it off like you would a normal peel.

 Face doesn’t break out into pimples.
 Your tan disappears partially.
 Your face is instantly bright.
 Dark spots fade, hyper pigmentation fades and blackheads are removed.  

Warning – Do not try and smell the egg whites. Under no circumstances, however much you are tempted, do not, I repeat, do not smell. I hope you guys have better control over your temptations, unlike me.

And that’s all for today folks!
Serena xx

DISCLAIMER: Even hypersensitive skins vary from person to person, so what may suit me may not suit you. So proceed at your own risk! J

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Artist Profile - 24K

24K is South Korean Band which debuted under Choeun Entertainment. They’re the agency’s first group.  They released their debut single Hurry Up on the 26th of September 2012. Originally they were a four member band and the name of the group was 4K which stood for “For K pop” but they then added two more members and changed their name to 24K where the number two refers to their two dance machines and 4 for their four main vocalists. They call their fans 24U.

The group consists of the members Cory, SeokJun, ByungHo, SungOh,  Kisu, DaeIl.

Real Name: Hong Joohyun
Stage Name: Cory
Birthday: 25 November 1990
Height: 5 ft 8in
Hobbies: He likes to watch movies and play basketball

Real Name: Hong SeokJun
Stage Name: SeokJun
Birthday: 14 April 1990
Height: 5ft 8in
Hobbies: He likes to play Soccer and dance

Real Name: Park ByungHo
Stage Name: ByungHo
Birthday: 11 May 1990
Height: 5ft 8in
Hobbies: He likes watching movies and playing sports

Real Name: Yu SungOh
Stage Name: SungOh
Birthday: 8 January 1991
Height: 5ft 9in
Hobbies: He likes to play basketball and tinker about the piano

Real Name: Choi Kisu
Stage Name: Kisu
Birthday: 2 October 1991
Height: 5ft 8in
Hobbies: He likes bowling and watching movies

Real Name: Kim DaeIl
Stage Name: DaeIl
Birthday: 10 May 1992
Height: 5ft 8in
Hobbies: He likes to dance and choreograph

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sumrit Shahi - Just Friends Review

Sumrit Shahi has a way with words. I just wish it were a little less sexual. I actually have a theory on why some Indian authors have a crude way of writing various scenes but it’s big, so I’ll save it for another post. Till then, let’s see what Just Friends is about and how it scores on Unhealthy Obsessions.

Let’s start with the positive points in this book. Sumrit has an amazing imagination and like I said has a way with words. I like his vocabulary too. It’s helped me expand my own vocabulary and that’s saying something. He has captured every aspect of teenage life in Just Friends and I find it very realistic. The way he tells the story of the two protagonists is fantastic. Also, I like the way he weaves the two stories together and makes it one.

However, on the down side, I find this book full of sexual innuendos. I wish he’d written it in a little more decent way but then I guess we wouldn’t have a book since out of the 248 pages, about 200 of them are crap. Sigh! I find it a big turn off when people sell a romance book which is more like porn.

The storyline:

The first story is about how a boy (Aryan) and a girl (Ishita) fall in love and how the boy’s best friend (Boza), who is a girl, falls in love with him. Ishita, after spending a day with Aryan, who, had unintentionally got them suspended form the MUN (Mock UN), decides that she can’t be in love with him because her parents, who were high school sweeties, were divorced and she didn’t want that happening to he. Plus, she lived in Singapore.  

Aryan goes all depressed and detached, ignoring his friends and everyone just so that he could go to Singapore on a student exchange and meet her. In the meantime, Boza and Aryan almost kiss before they have a fight with lots of slapping and this is where Boza calls Aryan names on the lines of branding him as a womanizer. However, Boza still cares for Aryan and helps him out wherever she can but he never reciprocates. He finally manages to go to Singapore but realizes that he doesn’t love Ishita and that he loves Boza. So, even though his dream of going to Singapore had come true, he doesn’t meet Ishita. He just sits there, waiting for the trip to get over so that he can see Boza, who’s admitted in the ICU.

The second story, is about Tanie, Sumer and their respective partners – Rehaan and Liaka. Tanie loves Rehaan with all her might and does everything for him. Sumer’s long distance relationship with Liaka is taking a toll on him. He and Tanie are best friends. Like literally! They didn’t have that instant connection and no one would even expect them to have because the first time they meet, though technically it’s not a meeting, he picks up her up. The second time, he’s listening to loud music and dancing in his boxers when Tanie barges in on him. Embarrassing!

  Anyways, they finally connect, spend all their time together and have fun, talking and laughing about stuff only teenagers can think about. Then comes the fateful day when Sumer finds out that Tanie’s boyfriend is cheating on her. Tanie doesn’t believe him, they fight and a few days later Taine finds out that Sumer was right. She goes to him sobbing and he consoles her. They kiss and Tanie, who still hasn’t gotten over Rehaan, runs away.

How are these two stories connected?

The two stories are connected by the MUN, A book and a delayed flight. Tanie and Aryan meet at the airport in Singapore, where Aryan had come for the student exchange and Tanie for the MUN. They share their stories and it is then that Tanie realizes that she likes Sumer.

All in all I think the book could be made a little less fancy, or rather the words can be made a little less fancy. It becomes painful when you have to try and guess the meaning of the words. If Sumrit (the author) would refine his writing and make it more meaningful than just sexual innuendos, he can go to a bigger publisher like Penguin, Harper Collins etc.

All in all I would rate this book
♥♥1/2 / ♥♥♥♥


Disclaimer: All views in this post are based on my personal views. No offense was meant to anyone. 

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