Tuesday, 21 May 2013

DIY Face Peel For Hypersensitive Skin

I think my hypersensitive skin is the bane of my life. I have a tough time finding stuff which actually suits my face. Lemons or anything citrus for that matter of fact don’t work. Luckily honey does and I praise God for that.

Also, being a student, I have a limited budget which means I’m always on the search for DIY recipes which don’t mess with my skin or my money. I’m very stingy you see.

So now, I proudly present to you a DIY face peel which won’t mess with your skin even if your skin is hypersensitive and it goes easy on your pocket. Real easy.

Ingredients required:
One egg white 

Tissue paper (It should be thin)

Once you separate the egg yolk and the egg white, make scrambled egg with the yolk so that it doesn't get spoiled.

Rub the egg white all around your face and then place the tissue on your face. I used a toilet roll and then separated the two papers. If you are patient you can cut out holes for you eyes, nostrils and lips or if you’re like me, just stick it on and tear away the extra paper. Also, try not to do this is front of kids because I assure you; you’ll look like an extra from the movie The Mummy Returns.

Now, rub egg white all over the tissue to keep it in place and fifteen minutes later or when dry (It’ll be stiff) just peel it off like you would a normal peel.

 Face doesn’t break out into pimples.
 Your tan disappears partially.
 Your face is instantly bright.
 Dark spots fade, hyper pigmentation fades and blackheads are removed.  

Warning – Do not try and smell the egg whites. Under no circumstances, however much you are tempted, do not, I repeat, do not smell. I hope you guys have better control over your temptations, unlike me.

And that’s all for today folks!
Serena xx

DISCLAIMER: Even hypersensitive skins vary from person to person, so what may suit me may not suit you. So proceed at your own risk! J

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