Monday, 3 June 2013

(Review) L'Oreal Paris Total Repair Five Shampoo + Conditioner

Buying the L'Oreal Paris Total Repair Five counts as one of the worst mistakes of my entire life.  I hate it! HATE it! And to top it all, I bought a huge, huge bottle of it and I’m wondering what to do now since I can’t throw it away.
To sum it up in a nutshell, this sucks big time. I’m so, so, so disappointed with L'Oreal!

What the product claims:
The 1st Total Repair for damaged hair with Ceramide cement that fights five hair problem- Hair fall, dryness, roughness, Dullness and Splits Ends. This technology replicates the hair’s natural cement. It helps repair and strengthen the hair’s fibre and smoothen its surface.
Damaged hair loses its cement that keeps it strong and healthy. L’Oreal laboratories have developed a repairing formula with Ceramide Cement that works similarly to natural ceramide that fills the cracks, seal the scales and the hair is repaired.
PROVEN RESULTS: Day after day, combat the 5 signs of damaged hair with 1 solution for hair to become:
1. Stronger ; 2. Nourished; 3. Shinier; 4. Smoother ; 5.Less Split-ends


L'Oreal Paris Total Repair Five Shampoo… Does it work?

These are the five problems the shampoo promised to work on. As you can see only the hair fall part of it worked. I don’t have split ends though so no comments on that.

ü hairfall
      X dryness
       X dullness
ü roughness
      split ends (no comment)

L’oreal paris conditioner:   

   ü Hairfall
   ü Roughness
  X Dryness
  X Dulness
     Splitends (no comments)


 I like the packaging. Red, white and gold. It’s a very royal color combination.

Texture/ Smell:

The shampoo’s texture is neither too thick nor too thin. Just right. Sam goes for the conditioner. However, the conditioner stink. It smells of cement (due to the ceramide cement) mixed with floral but luckily only the floral smell stays on my hair. The shampoo has a sort-of floral – fruity smell. It may be a little over powering for those with a sensitive nose.


Shampoo – 135INR (180 ml)
Conditioner-150INR (180 ml)

My experience:

 My hair is very moody. I have dry hair yet my scalp is oily and no split ends (thank God) and my hair is dull with the softness of it varying.
The Total Repair Five shampoo dried up my hair so bad it’s like an afro. Literally. But my hair has become considerably soft but the dryness ruins it all. Dullness wise, I feel my hair has become duller than before. The hair fall control is not as good as the L'Oreal Paris Hair Fall Control products but at least my hair doesn’t fall as much as it used to before.

     Reduces hairfall 
     Softens hair

The other three claims don’t work

Verdict: All in all I don’t think I’d ever buy this product again.

Rating: 1/2/♥♥♥♥

Ps – What do you think about the total repair five?

Serena xx

DISCLAIMER – This product was bought with my own money and I have given my honest opinion about it. I am in no way associated with L’Oreal. Also, please remember that what works for me might not work for you.  


  1. i am now using this and really i too regret.....but for god's sake i bought 175 ml bottle so a relief as that is not going to be longer....didn't expect this from a big company like Lorea'l Paris :( its saddening

  2. actually,it was not that bad for me as it was for u,neither would i say it was great.It did make my hair go dry a bit and increased tangles.The worst part was it made my hair bushy.I am glad mine is over! :)


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