Friday, 28 June 2013

(Review) Good Look Makeup Removal Pads

I know, I know… I’m a horrible blogger aren’t I? I seem to be MIA quite a lot and I apologize. It’s been a hectic few weeks… Packing, school, home work and no net. Sigh!

But… The good news is I’m BACK! Yaaaay! *claps excitedly*

And I have some even better news for you! I GOT A NEW CAMERA! YAAAAAAAAAY! It’s a semi SLR – The Nikon 
L820, so say hello to good quality pictures!  Hehehe!

So now, to go back to the main reason why this blog was created… REVIEWS! :D
Today, I’m reviewing Good Look’s Makeup Removing Pads. I got these while I was in Delhi and I absolutely love them! I just hate myself for not buying more! L

What it claims:
Good look antipruritic  refreshing, cleansing pads contains Aloe Vera, Mint extract. When applied, it gently removes the makeup from the face and around eye leaving behind the skin fresh, cool and light. It thoroughly cleans the surface of the skin without much struggle, rubbing and causing irritation, brings life to the skin, retaining its natural look.
Very economical, effective and with its balanced formula requires less of time in wiping the face pack, mascara, dust etc. making skin as fresh as morning dew.

How to use:
Lift the resalable sticker and remove one pad. Gently wipe over eyelids and face. Ensure the pack id closed to prevent drying up. [ I forgot to take a picture of the flap :'( ]

Who can use:
Everyone, I repeat, EVERYONE can use this. Its alcohol free, hypo – allergenic and PH balanced.  Even those with hypersensitive skin like mine can use it safely.

My Experience:
I love, L-O-V-E it! It’s amazing. It claims to do everything it just said. It removes everything – from foundation to waterproof mascara. Admittedly I had a little tough time getting the mascara off my lashes but once I did, it was worth it. My favorite lipstick, which always ends up staining my lips FYI, did not leave begin even a single mark when I used these wipes. I also noticed that my skin brightens up and glows after using this wipe… Hence, you can double it up as a wet wipe. It has a very pleasant smell and it's very mild so all in all it's a scorer! The pads are the size of your palms and are easy to use. They're not thin but they're not thick either. So, for 55 INR (for 30 pads) this is a steal! 

I used a BB cream as a base before applying (From L-R) Eyeshadow, Roll on sparkle dust, Waterproof eyeliner, Kohl, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Waterproof Mascara and Gel eyeliner.
One swipe and most of it's gone!
A few more swipes and Ta-Dah! As good as new!
The pad after usage

My Verdict:

So, would I buy these wipes again? Yes!


Serena xoxo

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