Monday, 10 June 2013

DIY Mouthwash Which Actually Works

I honestly thought DIY stuff, especially in beauty, stopped at scrubs and face peels, so imagine my surprise when I found a recipe for DIY mouthwash…. And the best part? It actually works! It’s as good as my Listerine except for the fact that my mouth doesn’t burn.

Materials needed:

A jar

        ♥ One cup of water

One or two lemons (depends on the size of the cup)

A few sticks of cinnamon (alternatively, you can use a table spoon of ground cinnamon)

Honey, according to your tastes

Half a teaspoon of baking soda

What to do: 
If you’re using sticks of cinnamon (about four or five should do), boil it with the water and let it cool.
Mix the juice of a lemon or two with the cinnamon water. Go easy on the lemons orelse the juice will end up messing with the nerves of your teeth.
Mix the baking soda and the honey with the lemon cinnamon water and pour into the jar. The water might have to be warm for the honey to dissolve.
Ta-dah! You’re DIY mouthwash is READY!

About the Ingredients:
Cinnamon: Kills bad breath
Lemon: Has anti-bacterial properties
Baking soda: Contains whitening properties
Honey: Makes the taste of the mouthwash bearable, plus it acts as a preservative.

This mouthwash is a guaranteed hit. My dad loves it. LOVES IT! In fact sometimes, he ends up swallowing the mouthwash! I suggest you make this mouthwash every week so that it says fresh even though mine has been there for two weeks with no signs of it going bad. So say good bye to burning sensations and say hello to yummy, yummy mouthwashes.

*You can also add mint to give the mouthwash a refreshing twist 

Update: I would suggest you make fresh mouthwash every week because i didn't use my mouthwash for a few days and today when i saw it, i found fungus formed on it, so be careful okay? Remember... One week!

So, what do you think about this DIY mouthwash?


Serena xx

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