Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Maybelline Water Shine Lip Gloss Review

I’m a huge fan of lip glosses. Especially those which smell yummy (yes, I’m a foodie). I decided to try the Maybelline Water Shine lip glosses only because there was a ten percent discount and because if I bought two, I’d get one free. I bought the Naked Brown, Chocolate Glitters and Caramel pearl. I was actually gonna buy the amethyst shade instead of the chocolate glitters stuff, but due to the lights (DAMN YOU YELLOW LIGHTS!) I ended up buying the wrong shade. I couldn’t even fine that label which tells you which color was which on the bottle so I was pretty much clueless.

I found the labels after i reached home! -_-
Anyways...  I bought naked brown, Caramel Pearl and Chocolate Glitters


The naked brown is a glossy version of the color of my lips and has a matte finish. It’s great for daytime looks.

Chocolate glitters is really, really glittery. Best for night time use. Since the chocolate color doesn’t suit my skin tone I add a small dab of it on naked brown. Or else I just let mom use it.

Caramel pearl has a pearl finish with a pinch, barely a pinch, of glitter. You can use it during the day or night.

The lip glosses have a watermelon smell and it smells natural. It doesn’t have that weird plastic kind of artificial smell. You get what I mean right?

The colors show up pretty well though you might have to swipe on two layers if your lips are pigmented.

The lasting power is not so good. One hour max before you have to go in for a touch up. Also, the glitter has a tendency to shift and land on your face.

However, the applicator is really good, especially for putting the gloss precisely.

The camera didn't focus on this properly! >.<

These tubes are compact and travel friendly, so you can just slip it into your purse and go around.

All in all, I think for 210 INR these lip glossed are worth it.

Cheap and easily available
Easy to apply
Smells good
Travel friendly

doesn’t last long
has a tendency to spread

So would I buy these glosses again? Yes! J

Serena xx


  1. love the colors.. i do want to try different types of lip products like lip gloss. But it is not suited for those who have thick lips.

    http://knickknacksnix.blogspot.com/ :)

  2. Love the nude shades!
    Im now following u on bloglovin! #gig

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  3. lip glosses r mah fav..could u suggest a long lasting lip gloss brand (about 8 hr stay) for me pls..love ur blogs..thnks 4 d make up reviews

    1. Hey Kuhu! Unfortunately lip glosses (least mine) have a maximum staying power of about three hours so a lip gloss which lasts for eight hours is kind of tough to find. How ever, if you give me a few days i'll be happy to research it up and tell you!
      Why don't you email me?

      It's serenavardhan@gmail.com


  4. R thy sticky??


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