Saturday, 27 April 2013

(Review) Loreal Paris 3X Anti hair fall Conditioner

I’ve heard a lot about the L’OREAL Paris Fall Repair 3x Shampoo and conditioner and decided to try out the conditioner. I decided against the Shampoo since very few shampoos suit my hair and I didn’t want to take any risks. I like this conditioner…. It actually works! My hair fall has reduced drastically after using this.

What it claims to do:

The secret of Anti Hair-fall Action:
Arginine is an essential amino acid vital for hair’s constitution. It is known for nourishing scalp to improve micro circulation. Enriched with Argine Essence, the new Fall Repair 3X range delivers a triple anti – hair fall action.  

1)    Nourishes the hair root
2)   Restructures Hair fiber
3)    Hair Grows stronger

Proven results: Instantly detangled and stronger, your hair is more resistant from root to tip and looks good and healthy!
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I really like the packaging. It’s sooooooo cute! It comes in a black bottle with a pink cap and has silver and pink text on the front.

For 90 ml - 80 INR
For 180 ml - 150 INR

Texture/ Smell:
The texture is like any other conditioner but I found this to be a tad bit creamier.
And the smell is just YUMMY! I just can’t describe it. It’s fruity, flowery, and strawberry-ish! Frankly, it’s good enough to eat! However, if you have a sensitive nose you might have a slight problem with the smell since it’s really strong.

My verdict:
Like I mentioned above, my hair-fall has reduced drastically. Instead of having five or six strands breaking every time I comb my hair, these days only one strand or two are breaking. However the conditioner doesn’t soften your hair. I had to use a softening shampoo (Clear- woman’s shampoo) so that my hair wouldn’t look like I’d just walked through a hedge. Also it doesn’t give much of a shine to your hair… Just a slight dullish shimmer. Also, since I like leaving my hair open, I have a tough time detangling my hair after a busy day.  -_-

Reduces hair fall
Smells good
Even your hair smells wunnerful!

Doesn’t soften the hair
No shine
Not easy to detangle your hair

Rating - ♥♥1/2 / ♥♥♥♥

Maybe if you use this conditioner with the shampoo it’ll work out… I’m not too sure but I don’t think I would buy this product again.

Serena xx

DISCLAIMER – This product was bought with my own money and I have given my honest opinion about it. I am in no way associated with L’Oreal. Also, please remember that what works for me might not work for you.  


  1. It's a nice review :)
    I used to use L'Oreal hair treatment, the damage repair, I forgot, haha....
    But I didn't use them for a long time, it was good for few months than my hair got worse.

    Thanks you for the lovely comment on my blog
    Follow you now ;)

    In The Name Of Colors

    1. Thank you for following! :)

      And even i started using the damage repair conditioner recently... seems nice enough for now... let's see how it goes!:)


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