Saturday, 26 January 2013

Welcome To India

Welcome to India where the cows eat hay,
and we drive auto-rickshaws every day,

Goat meats, yummy sweets, wild monkeys roaming,
The roosters don't crow till five in the morning!”
- MC Vikram and Luda Krishna

Welcome to India, where, 90% of the gods are women. And yet… women are raped. The country where people openly pee on the roads and eve tease girls. The country where women are blamed for being female. The country where corrupt politicians and government officials, police constables and god men are accused of rape. Where “The Times Awards” gets centre stage in a newspaper even though two young, brave soldiers were killed and one of them beheaded. The country where women commit suicide because of justice not being meted out. The country, which is filled with silent cries of desperation, anguish and devastation.

But also - The country where patriotism is at its highest. Where brave men die every other day protecting us. The country where the Army, Navy and Air force protect us right from Siachen Glacier to the tip of India and from East to West. Where every now and then people who are working for the good of the country spring up. The country where most people care to be honest enough. The country with the rich heritage and traditions.

That’s India. Every Country has its dark side and though India’s dark side is darker than usual, I’m still proud of my country and proud to be an Indian. I’m proud of the fact that my country is doing its best to remain friendly with Pakistan even though they violate ceasefire rules. I’m proud of the soldiers of my country who have died for us. I’m proud of the people. I’m proud of me.

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