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Let's meet NU'EST

NU'EST is a not very rookie, rookie band. They debuted in 2012 under Pledis entertainment. They're a five member band and their music style is described as urban electro. Their fan club name is  L.O.Λ.E. NU'EST stands for New Established Style and Tempo. Their first music video Face spread the message against bullying. 

They were seen wearing pink which is not only their official fan club color but also a color to raise support against bullying. So let's get to know these lovely boys... And start with the maknae.

Name : Choi Min Ki
Stage Name : Ren
Birth Date : 3rd November 1995
Weight : 56kg
Height : 179cm
Position : Maknae , Mood Maker
Aww! The maknae! I love him! When I first saw him I was like “O.M.G! This guy is so cute!” Then I was like “Ohmigooodnessgraciousme! It’s a girl! He’s a GIRL! I JUST SAID HE’S SO CUTE IN A VERY SEXUAL WAY TO A GIRL!” And then I checked the net and finally calmed down and said “Well, phew! You’re a guy! Thank god for that!” and patted the screen. Lol!
Anyways here a pucker up, courtesy him:
Awww! MUUAAAHHHH back to you too honey!
(that was a kiss in case you didn't get it!)

 His favorite food: Kim chi jigae and Kanjang Kkaet Ip which his grandmother prepares
His favorite singer: Lady Gaga
Hobbies: Telling stories
Extra: He doesn't see himself as “effeminate” as people say.

Sometimes i wish i were that straw

Ren with brown hair! Sigh! He looks so innocent and ethereal. 

Yeah baby! fist bump back at you!

Jealous! Totally Jealous! He looks so pretty! It's not fair!!

Gosh! He's so childlike! *sigh*


Name : Hwang Min Hyun
Stage Name : Min Hyun
Birth Date : 8th August 1995
Weight : 65kg
Height : 183cm
Position : Main Vocal, Centre

Minhyun is sooooooo tall! Lol! I fell in love with him ever since I saw him in Orange Caramel’s music video (Shanghai Romance). He’s like my third favourite in NU’EST the first being Aaron and the second Ren.

A kiss honey?? SURE!!

His favourite songs: Narsha – I’m in love and Big Bang – Haru Haru

Extra: Minhyun hasn't kissed yet (:O)

Hobbies: Watching movies

Oh that diamond (?) stud! Sigh! And the way he moves his face! Someone kill me! But not before i meet these fellas!

Have to agree! I did like the music video but Shanghai boy definitely spiced it up! <3

Name : Kang Dong Ho
Stage Name : Baekho | White Tiger
Birth Date : 21st July 1995
Weight : 63kg
Height : 178cm
Position : Main Vocalist

one of the yummy pics!! <3
I can’t really say that I love Baekho but Damn! he looks yummy in some pics! Lol! I rally can’t decide about this guy! Sigh! *shakes head* But I do love his voice!
His favourite group : Big Bang
Hobbies : Komdo, playing games
Favourite food : All kinds
Extra : He plays football

those studs! only Korean guys can pull off such stuff!

i dunno why but this pic makes me swoon....

 Name : Kim Jong Hyun (김종현)
Stage Name : JR ( Junior Royal )
Birth Date : 8th June 1995
Weight : 58kg
Height : 176cm
Position : Leader, Rapper, Dancer
Ah JR! I have mixed emotions about this one too! Every now and then he creeps up onto my crush list and drives me crazy! I like his aristocratic feature the best! And his rapping is phenomenal!

Favourite singer: EMINEM
Favourite food: Definitely not Tomatoes!
Hobbies: Reading comic books
 Extra: JR knows how to play piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, drums and trombone

Name : Aaron Kwak
Stage Name : Aron
Birth date : 21st May 1993
Weight : 57kg
Height : 175cm
Position : Vocalist/Rapper

Aaron is like my favorite member in NU’EST! HE’S SOOOO CUTE and HOT and SEXY!!! Lol! I love the way he raps in English and those studs in his ears! Sigh! Too bad I couldn’t find any facts for this gorgeous piece of hotness!

Just look at this hottie! *ultra huge sigh*

Extra:  Speaks Korean, English and Japanese

And that's about NU'EST people! Make sure to check them out!


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