Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Special Children and India

They say India is on it's way to become a super power... But can a country be a super power when people don't understand disabilities? A special child in India is usually knows as 'retarded' - "He's mentally retarded" or sometimes they're called even worse. 

Using the word 'retarded' is derogatory. Such children are special children. Even though they can't speak or are totally dependent on people, God has sent them into this world for a reason.

I remember that we had tough times searching for a good school in whichever place dad was posted for Bryan (my brother). Once we were posted in this tiny place where one of the Army cantts did have a school but wouldn't take my brother in because we were not part of that campus. My mom's dream has always been to start a special school and she decided to start it at this place. We were in Mhow that time. When mom approached the then Army chief's wife (I'm not going to name who) she asked her to join my bro in a normal school. Mom was pissed and so was i... I mean if we could put him in a special school then why would we approach this lady? Anyways mom was determined and she managed to open a school which is still running out there! It's been 7 or 8 years since we first opened it.

Now moving onto Hyderabad... NIMH - National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped. This school 
literally used to TIE UP CHILDREN TO THE CHAIR AND BEAT THEM WITH STICKS! Can you believe that?!?!?! These poor innocent kids who can't defend themselves being beaten up! The poor parents are uneducated and so think that the teachers are right and follow the example of the teachers. I remember my own brother coming back one day with bruises on his hands... That was the daymom blew a lid and gave a piece of her mind to the people there.

In a country where such things are considered taboo it's hardly a surprise that no one knows how to deal with special kids. It's about time people take a stand for these kids instead of shunning them. People htink that having a son or daughter who's differently abled is like a punishment for some sin.They're treated like untouchables. Again I say this from experience.

We were travelling in a train from my pops hometown to the place where we stay and there was this lady near the window seat. Mom took the seat right next to the aisle and put Bryan in the middle so that he doesn't run away... Now the lady next to my bro kept making disgusted faces and told mom to move Bryan away from her. Mom got pissed  and yelled on her. Soon mom realized that the lady kept pinching my brother when we were not looking. Epic fight ensued after that and i swear i was so pissed at that lady! grrrrr!

Even in the school my bro is in currently is not perfect. There are times when we come against cases of a child being beaten up but nothing serious. People ask mom why she never aborted the baby when she knew that he was disabled. To this mom just asks "Are you saying I should have murdered this child who's standing in front of me? The little boy who kisses my cheek everyday?" And they're dumbstruck and i'll be secretly cackling in my mind saying "In your face bish!"

Of course there are times when i wished my brother was normal. I bet we would have made a great musical duo. Bryan loves music and i sing. I guess we would have been a brother - sister duo! lol! But i love Bryan the way he is! No matter what people say, No matter who says what - You harm my brother you ain't gonna live for another minute bitch. And that's the truth. 

And that's all for today folks! Cheers!


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  2. Serena, your post really hits the heart. I have a friend who volunteers almost every year in India, at a home called Sarah's Covenant Home and they take care of children with disabilities..who were abandoned or abused :(

    Continue to speak about this topic, I think it is VERY IMPORTANT!

    I found you on GIG group! showing you some love! ♥ . following your blog via GFC! hope you follow me back.

    1. Thanks Nina! I think it's about time people stand up for such children... It's sick sometimes watching the way people treat these kids!

      Do you happen to know where exactly in India is this home? I'd like to try and visit it some day!

      I'll be sure to follow you back hon! <3

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    1. Hey! Thank you for following my blog! I agree! Meeting someone with the same interests and passions is always fun! I'll be sure to follow you back! xx


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