Saturday, 9 February 2013

Let's Talk Tasty

Hahahahhahahaha!(That came out of nowhere! Lol!)

Now…Let’s talk TASTY! 

Meet Tasty – The adorable twin brothers. And may I add how tasty they look? When I first saw their teaser photo I fell in love with them and then fell in love all over again when they released “You Know Me”.

These guys are of Chinese – Korean descent. Daeryong is older by five minutes and is known as Big D whereas Soryong is known as Lil D. They’re also known as the Dragon twins hence the names Big D and Lil D.

My favourite picture so far! <3

I love the fact that they’re so tall! Lol! 185 cm and 184 cm. Not bad right? People say that Soryong is more attractive when compared to Daeryong but I personally prefer Daeryong! He’s so cute! Especially his multi coloured hair! But then again Soryong steals my heart sometimes! It breaks my heart to have to choose between these two bros! I think the best part about them is that they're not jealous of each other's popularity. 

Don't they look adorable??

I love how close they are! <3

So let’s meet these guys…

Name: Jung Daeryong               

Birthday: 25 February 1988

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 67 kg

I love this pic! <3 <3

Extra: Daeryong is better at exercising even though Soryong has broader shoulders. Daeryong is very active and sometimes acts like a kid. His ideal girl is a cute girl.


Name: Jung Soryong                 

Birthday: 25 February 1988

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 67 kg

me no like this pic! He looks like a clown!
I likey his arms! XD

innocent... Or maybe not?

Extra: Soryong prefers girls who are mature. Sometimes Soryong acts as the older brother and keeps Daeryong in check. He smiles more when compared to Dae.

And these ladies and gentlemen are the Oh so very Tasty Twins. They’re record label calls them Asia’s number one performance duo and they sure live up to their name! They’re so energetic! Can’t wait for their new song to release! :D 

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