Thursday, 8 March 2012

My smelly, un-pally neighbours

Hmm.... so it all started one day with my family shifting into a new apartment. A small one... and I STILL HATE IT!! OK... well not hate... detest? I can give a whole list of things I hate about it.... A few are...
  • The small space
  • The obnoxious owner
  • The good for nothing watchman... who keeps drinking and makes his wife do all the work! DISGUSTING!

  • The LOCATION... there is never any peace over here. There are colleges in apartments... I mean seriously... we have like two HUGE schools on either side... five collages and to top that a dorm. So basically there is honking 24x7! I really can't live with it... But I'm managing to manage! SIGH!
  • To top that... we have really really REALLY DUMB Neighbours.

So like I said it all started with the very second day we had moved in. Our opposite 'neighbours' if you can call them that... I guess you can because they live opposite us... Anyway 'neighbour' it is came to call on us... Me thinking that they were coming to say hi opened with a bright sunny smile only to meet a face which would turn already sour milk sourer. No wait actually... The milk would literally curdle! 

She came to tell me that in the already cramped parking space two cars have to fit! And I was like 'WTF? o.O'

She called my dad 'brother' which is surprising because my dad has white hair!! He unfortunately doesn't believe in dying his hair! Anyway she was like can you please ask your brother to park the car in a way where my car too can fit in. I was shocked... Literally. Did she want me to park the car on my head? Or maybe she though I had a magical power to park the car on it's side. THAT'S IT! SHE MUST HAVE THOUGHT I WAS FROM THE WIZARDING WORLD! OH GEE... IS'NT THAT JUST RAD. SARCASM DRIPPING PEOPLE... SARCASM DRIPPING! How dumb can anyone get?? Maybe I should have suggested that she find another place to park her 'taxis' which took up so much place including the parking lot of my car for a few days... Until we put up a fight and told them to get their huge car with a big fat butt... The 'in-nova'. Please... I am so not insulting the car... I'm insulting the owner! Think of it... she has a non existent butt... WAIT!! Why did I even notice that?? I AM STRAIGHT PEOPLE!! NO GETTING IDEAS!! I'm smitten by a guy... I swear he is a guy! ;)
So we refused to let go of our parking space and since then they've had a thing for us...! And by thing i most definitely don't mean he 'thing' thing! Only the pervs like me will get what i'm saying!

So one day we all were sitting in our extremely small living room which was painfully small and suffocatingly small...OK I guess U get the picture! SO there we were sitting doing our OWN work and not bothering people when our maid stuck her head in. She comes and tells us that our 'neighbour' has problems with us keeping our books outside. The books were not in a messy pile... I can rest assure you that. They were in a box at the corner of the wall... In the line of MY house... not THEIR'S!! Now you'll say why should they have a problem. Their problem is that whenever they come out of their house they can see the books and they don't like it. HA! Get this then... THEY HAVE SHOES IN THE LINE  OF THEIR HOUSE...  SMELLY SHOES!! AND WHENEVER WE LEAVE THE HOUSE WE HAVE TO BEAR THE SIGHT AND SMELL.... TALK ABOUT NUISANCES! So basically they couldn't bear to see a  carton  in front of their house but we should be fine seeing and smelling their shoes... Talk about Dumb neighbours man... I was all ready to ask them to clear out their shoes if they wanted us to clear out the books... But my mom being the peace loving person she is just calmly put the books in and told me to forget about it... I'm still plotting my revenge... Well  u see sending glares at them is really not the sweet revenge I want!

Be sure to follow me so that you know about the next antics of my 'neighbour's ' and till they do something again I shall plot my revenge!

toodles poodles... hehe im kidding... toodles people! :D

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