Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Can you trust friends with a guy?

NOTE: All material in this post is entirely the work of the author's imagination! Any RESEMBELENCE to people... Dead or Alive ( Though if they're dead does it really matter that much? Maybe it does... orelse they wouldn't be writing it!) is pure coincidence (or maybe not... you can call it fate or destiny...or blah blah and blah)!

Let's start at the very beginning... A very good place to start... Have you ever heard that song? It's a nice song from an olddddddddd movie 'The Sound of Music'... The writer of this song sure knew what he or she was talking about... The starting... er... the beginning is always a good place to start... So lets go there...

I had a crush on my best friend for like a month. NOOO... My best friend is not a girl.I mean yea my BFF is a girl but my other BFF  is a guy.. OK... He din't look that good actually speaking.... And he was a little gayish sure... but hey isn't 'LOVE' about character more than looks? Ya... So I told my Girl BFF... And she was like Eww... Thank god 'he' is like a brother to me... She would go on and on and on on that topic... I mean fine! I get the pic he's your 'brother' nothing else...! Now I knew this guy liked her... really liked her you know... And i kept telling her... My HUGE mistake... She knew i liked him as I told you and she played the helping friend role and promised me she would make him fall for me... Of course in the end she gobbled him up... I don't literally mean that... You know what I mean... Girl drama... And in the end I was betrayed... I mean we're still good friends blah blah and blah but I still feel hurt every time I think about it!

Here's how she schemed...

'He' and I would talk often... but he often ignored me and I behaved kinda weirdly and sent him huge lectures... So one day we were having this heart to heart talk and he was like I would even stop going to movies for my girl... He's a huge film buff. and I knew he was telling the truth. SIGH. I went and told 'her' and of course she tried the trick on him. She asked him to stop going for movies and he did. I felt really bad. She knew I loved that guy and to do that was a serious blow to  my crush life. She of course played Ms.Innocent. That was Knife number one in my chest.

We always knew 'his'  favourite colour was white. So she had gone shopping one day and was chatting with 'him'. She was buying a purse and asked him white or navy blue. He said navy blue because it was her favourite colour. And of course she had to tell me how he changed his favourite colour for her... Knife number two. Couldn't she just shut up??

As they talked their um life went on further. She assured me she was suggesting that he ask me out. Ask Me out?? Kiss my ass is all I can think of...!
he started calling her baby and darling... And she in the name of  'suggesting' started calling him sweety .. darling... baby...! She of course assured me that he was her 'Brother'. She made me read all her messages knowing fully well my situation. Ouch... Talk about salt in the wounds...! Knife number three stuck well and good.

Whenever he and I were around she would flirt... literally with him... Kept touching his arm... punching him... leaning into him while talking... I was hurt... the pain was worse than hurting... it was something I couldn't describe! SIGH. Right then... My life sucked!

Now... A few days later he asked her out... She said YES! I was HEARTBROKEN! She gloated over it for days! Hasn't she done enough to me??? She's literally stolen my crush... And now she rubs it in my face. the pain still lingers on though... Someday hopefully I can forgive her!

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  1. ossum work serena..>~!
    <3 it...!!
    gr8 ccreation mahn..!
    hope 2 luk fr sum mre cool stuff frm ya..!!


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