Monday, 5 March 2012

Love, Love and Love... When it's between two best friends!

It's awkward when your best friend dates your best friend.


 What I mean is - It's an awkward situation when your best friend dates your other best friend. 

Love in this world is weird... OK... Love in this New generational world is weird. ( ps -Does the word generational even exist?) or new generation love is weird.

Love defined by the ‘older’ generation is something like this … “Love is trust. It is a commitment to ONE person only. You can’t be in two minds about it. It is accepting a person the way he or she is.”

 Ok… now that is kind of weird. But it is true! Love is trust and all of the above. Do you think you can love a person who is always suspicious of you? A person who spies on you? A person who keeps trying to change you? I wouldn’t be able to bear him that’s for sure!  I guess by the third day I would have either told him that if he wanted the relationship he better put more trust… Or if he was being really irritating slapped him.  Or I  just might have left him and let him wallow in his regrets .

Wikipedia defines love as "A strong emotion of  affection and personal attachment between two individuals". Ok... this makes sense too.

 A one sided relationship is not really love... it's just... ATTRACTION and in this new generational world...It's almost ALWAYS sexual attraction -  LUST.

The new generation, the teens basically define love as - "The highest point of friendship. When in love you keep thinking about that person. Love is NOT blind... and is 35% lust...People are confused between love and attraction". Of course, to the few guys who follow their parents version of love.... HATS OFF!

The new generation, the teens basically define love as - "THe highest point 

Now back to the real topic....

My friend says he's in love... but sometimes I wonder... Is it really love? Or is it lust? Or both?

It's kinda weird when he comes to me and starts describing how he wants to kiss her... sure we talk crap... but still...!!!!

Seriously I don't need a vivid picture of what goes on behind doors. When someone on whom your on 'hi' -'bye' terms says she or he has kissed someone i don't really care... when it's my close friend who says she's kissed a guy and then the guy describes it... I can only close my eyes and ignore the messages. AWKWARD!! o.O

It gets awkwarder still when they plan their marriage (Seriously? At the age of 14?) and then break up a few days later...! She expects me to break all contacts with him and he expects me to break contacts with her! And all I can think is 'SHEESH KEBAB... this is a nasty mess for a girl like me!'

And then the guy comes over for a cup of chocolate and cries about how the girl has betrayed him... And the girl comes and does the same! In the end it DOES NOT help my waistline!!
Did i mention we even go around singing lines from Danush's latest hit (but now irritating) number 'Why this kolaveri di'... "Love-u love-u oh my love-u... you showed me bowh-u". and then we jump to "God-u i am dying now-u... she is happy how-u... This-u song-u for soup boys-u... We don't have choice-u"

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