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What I Like About Dae Ryong and So Ryong...

<3 <3 <3!!!CHECK THIS OUT!!!<3 <3 <3

Tasty 2wins... 
Two twins (D-uh)
One group
One song
Enough to steal this girl's heart.

That was lame I know... No matter how much of a writer I am (Modesty has deserted me!) I can never be a poet (If I had to recite a poem, I bet the audience would throw eggs on me!).
Anyways... Meet Dae Ryong and So Ryong, Chinese - Korean twins born on February 25, 1988. They're 24 year olds who have stolen my heart. More specifically Dae Ryong has stolen my heart. 
I know they both are twins blah blah...They both look the same blah blah blah both of them should steal your heart  blah blah yada yada ya... They both HAVE stolen my heart but I prefer Dae Ryong... Because of his funky hair!

These are the stills from the music video... More of them coming up with the real topic of this post.... "What I like about So Ryong and Dae Ryong"

Dae Ryong:

Dae Ryong born on February 25 1988. 6ft tall. Sexy as hell.
If you are confused between So Ryong and Dae Ryong then just remember that Dae Ryong is the multi coloured hair guy. 

See what I mean? He has pink, blue and yellow in his hair... Something like what I would have chosen for myself. Point number one. I like his hair!

Next... I like his lips. Very expressive and VERY cute! I love his smile too!

Dae,  I've realized have very, very, VERY expressive eyes. I know the picture is not clear but when you see the music video, you'll realize what I mean.

This is going to be weird...

Observe carefully... You'll notice that he has very shapely legs. I'm so envious of his legs!

Like I said... Expressive mouth, expressive eyes! Gotta love him! 

So In The End What I Like About Him...

  • His amazing air
  • His expressive eyes
  • His expressive lips
  • His shapely legs
  • His amazing dance skills ; and ;
  • The way he makes my heart beat!

So Ryong:

Born on the same day as his brother (D-uh! they're twins!)  and about a centimetre taller, So Ryong is HOT in a very gentlemanly yet punky way. 
Before I start off about what I like in him... Let me tell you about what I didn't like in him...


Is it my imagination or did he actually SHAVE his underarms??? Or did he wax it?? I really don't want the details... Just tell me WHY DID HE DO THAT???? I understand men not wanting chest hair but seriously! Save your masculinity So Ryong! You need at least a little hair! And i'm not talking about your head or growing a moustache... (You would look terrible anyways). Try not to shave your underarms... PLEASE!

And to continue on with what I like about So Ryong... (Just ignore the fact that he's headless)

He has amazing arms! They're just so... TASTY!

He has eyes as expressive as Dae. Maybe even more!

I love the fact he does a 'namaste' in the music video. And this step reminds me of a hindi movie step... Kekekeke!!

I like his hair... Very, very very Ryong as my friend would say!! Or like I would say SOOOOOO RYONG! (I say that in an awe struck voice if you couldn't process exactly what tune was supposed to come.)

So In The End What I Like About Him:

  • His amazing arms
  • His gentlemanly yet punkish hotness
  • His hair
  • His eyes;and;
  • His Indianized dance steps

So that's about the Ryong twins people! And FYI... If you haven'e seen their music video...  I suggest you do! I've pasted the link for your benefit!

Toodles people!
Serena xx

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