Friday, 28 September 2012

Beat Those Rules At Their Own Game!

WARNING -  Follow the advice at your own risk. If you're kicked out or made to run rounds in your playground, the author is not to be blamed.

NOTE 1 - Everything is tried and tested.

NOTE 2- Before all hell breaks loose in my house I would like to clarify the fact that the statement given by mom has been fabricated... By me.

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ BEAT THOSE RULES AT THEIR OWN GAME ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

Ah! uniform rules. The worst thing to plague a student's life. From ribbons to dirty socks and shoes, I've so far managed to wriggle out of detention. My secret? My super great acting skills and my even better creative skills. Yeah... I know... My modesty evades me right now... :D

But going back to the topic... black ribbons and dirty white shoes are the two huge factors that influence teachers to punish us poor innocent students. So here are a few ways how you can try and escape being caught.

BLACK RIBBONS (For girls only -  for obvious reasons) :

There are two ways to do it....

------> The right way
------> The crookish way


you just take your normal ribbons an tie it... Seriously? Do I need to tell you how to tie ribbons now? Aish! See it's simple... first you loop the ribbon around the desired area and then tie it like a shoelace. If you can't tie  a shoelace then I suggest you get off my blog because you're too young!


Have you heard of electrical tape? you know those black ones? And if you don't know what electrical tape is... WHY ARE YOU STILL ON MY BLOG? I TOLD YOU THIS IS NOT FOR SMALL KIDS! Any ways... You take that tape and make bows out of it and stick it on your hair and VOILA! YOU'RE RIBBONS ARE DONE!
I've done it and nobody ever caught me. If you want to do it though... Do it at your own risk!

WHITE SHOES: (For all)

There are four ways to do this....
-------> The right way
-------> The not so crookish way
------->The still not crookish way
-------> The maybe crookish way
-------> The crookish way


You know how to do this? You just take your polish and rub it all over your show till it's white like the clothes during a "Washing powder nirma, washing powder nirma. Doodh si safedi, nirma se aaye, Rangeen kapde bhi khil khil jaye, sabki pasand nirma, washing powder nirma, washing powder nirma. Nirma!" ad. 


Wet a chalk piece and rub it around till you get white, dazzling shows with no stains. Just like Surf Excel... daag gaayab!


Use poster paints.


White toothpaste. Not only will all the acidic content on your shoes fade away, It will also kill bacteria and not cause bad breath. So that means even if you've stepped on dung just whip out the paste baby and slap it on!

THE CROOKISH WAY (You're gonna love this!):

So I tried this method recently and it's been successful. You take powder ( I really don't care if its talc or baby or ponds or wands) and make a paste with it. Yeah you OBVIOUSLY mix water in it. D-uh people! You thought I'll mix milk or something? Any ways... You apply this 'paste' to your shoes and then when it's semi dry add white (dry) powder to it. Spread it evenly and voilà! the next day you have perfect white shoes.

So as you can see... Here are some very, very, very good ways to escape uniform rules. How ever if you return home from school with a red face or sore legs I'm not to be blamed!

I really did want to put pictures but my mom blatantly refused. Her reason... "I could not be bothered if after this blog post you're going to be known as SERENA VARDHAN CHANGING STUDENTS LIVES SINCE 2012." Sigh! mothers! so hard to please! I had such nice little ideas of taking pictures with flash, without flash, side pose, full pose... Just like those beauty blogs!

Now to that very young reader who's not supposed to be here.... I admit defeat! i have nothing to say! You win! NOW GET OFF THE BLOG!

Till the next post.... Toodles my dear readers! love you all! <3 :*

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