Friday, 5 October 2012



And I'm BACK!! :D
This time I'm going to tell you how you can manage to salvage your poor broken glasses...
Just so you know... Everything's tried and tested....

Ok... So yesterday dad stepped on my glasses and the rest as they say is history. So here I was, all blind like a bat when a sudden idea pops into my head.  Why don't I wear my glasses without that one leg. So Ta-Da! here I am with my experience!

Yeah that's me without my glasses! :D

And now for my glasses without one pink leg....

The flash makes my glasses look like those glow in the dark stuff! lol!

The missing leg!
I really miss that one leg you know! I loved my glasses! *sniffs*
Anyways I wore these glasses to my friend's house and as i walked down the street... Boy! Didn't i make a fashion statement! I'm surprised people didn't stop me for autographs! Of course Vizag is a place where people really don't understand freakazoid fashion. Sigh!
Anyways this look really makes heads turn. So if you wanna make a fashion statement just take that old pair of glasses and break a leg. Literally! But if you're one of those shy types... DO NOT attempt this look!
This look is good for those who don't mind being the centre of attention. However, the one drawback of wearing these glasses is that they slip off your nose with sweat. So I suggest you use the adhesive used behind bindis to stick your glasses to your nose. WHATEVER YOU DO... DO NOT USE FEVIQUICK!
Warning issued, let's move on... Here's how the glasses looked on me....

It looks good.... Right? 

I think all in all they looked pretty good! XD
And mom's going to flip a lid when she gets to know I went out like this! Lol!
So anyways... This is what i wanted to show you... Hope you had fun! :D




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