Friday, 7 March 2014

Birthday Bumps: Nick Needs a Kick (Not really)

So yeah, procrastination. Pretty big a word right? Yeah, that’s like my middle name. I’m the biggest procrastinator in this world.

Why am I, like the biggest procrastinator in this world you ask?

Well, apart from NOT updating my blog, I’ve also put off making a card I’d promised my bestie for his birthday… Last year.
Yeah, I’m a horrible person.
Now, being the lazy bum I am, I decided not to make him a conventional card. I’m going to write about him on my blog.

So Nick, Sweetie, this one’s for you.

The Story of Us… And No, We’re Not Dating

There once were two brats known as Nick and D. Theirs was a hate at first sight kind of a relationship.
He thought that she was an arrogant
Censored and she thought that he was a bossy ass.

Fast forward a year and they were best friends for life.
He knows everything about her and she knows everything about him. They were so close, people thought that they were in a relationship but no. They were siblings.

Nick thought her how to burn oreos.
She taught him how to flip a pancake.
Nick taught her how to write a poem (very unsuccessfully)
She taught him how to run a blog (very successfully)
Nick taught her how to act stupid.
She taught him how to stupider.

Besties for life?
Heck, no!
Besties and siblings even after life.
That’s how close they are.

Nick is the brother I’ve always wanted. He’s a great guy though a bit effeminate at times.
An amazing painter, poet and nerd; burning oreos is his specialty.

Nick, I am so sorry for putting off making a card for you for so long.
I hope you like this.
I’m putting your royal pain in the bum on my blog. Be happy. :P
Happy birthday! Belated! :P
I know you had an amazing day ‘coz I was there. :P
Love you loads! Stay happy, wise and well, happy for the rest of your life!


P.s – Nick I’m so sorry I couldn’t post individual photos of us. You know what happened to my phone na? All pics are there  :( 

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