Wednesday, 22 January 2014

(Review) Oriflame Very Me Vinyl Lipgloss in Spicy red and Berry Kiss

Ah! How long has it been since I updated my blog? A month? Two months? A whole decade?

Lol! Sorry about that guys! School’s been keeping me real busy. But I’m back now and intend to update atleast once a month. I mean week. What’s wrong with me? -_-

Anyways, today I’m reviewing the Oriflame Very Me Vinyl Lip Glosses in Spicy red and Berry kiss.

Spicy Red
Berry Kiss

Packaging wise, these lipglosses come in a transparent tube (10ml) with a black design on it. It’s I dunno. Hard to describe. It’s cheap looking but at the same time it’s not cheap looking.

 You get it? No? never mind.

The applicator is pretty easy to use.

The lipgloss applies streakily. I’m not sure if it’s the formula or the applicator.

Pigmentation wise, as all Oriflame lipglosses go, it’s sheer.  Stayiing power is one or two hours. Lesser if you eat. It’s not very sticky though (Thank God) and the fragrance I fruity. Yummy!

I had to take multiple swipes to get that colour.
L- Berry Kiss, R - Spicy Red

All in all, these lip glosses are seriously… NOT WORTH IT!



  1. the colors look great its my first time hearing about the brand, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi! Lovely blog and great post! We invite you to visit my blog :) kisses! ;)


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