Sunday, 23 March 2014

Book Review: Forget You - Jennifer Echols

Most people prefer to read ‘Earth shattering’ and ‘Life altering’ books.
Me? I prefer to read something which is light, airy and doesn’t let me dwell on my problems.
And I think Forget you is the perfect book that way. I mean, it’s not great but it’s not that bad either.

The Plot:
Zoey is on the swim team. She's dating football star Brandon and does not mix well with Doug. In fact, they haven't been mixing well since ninth grade after he asked her to homecoming then disappeared for a couple of weeks only to come back from juvie to ignore her and be mad at her. Then she gets in a car accident and gets amnesia as a result. Doug is suddenly super nice to her, while her boyfriend Brandon is suddenly super distant. Coincidence? She cannot for the life of her remember, but she's going to find way or another...

My thoughts:

The book is fast paced and does not lag at any place. The writing style, though a bit mushy, paints a vivid picture. Especially of the main male lead, Doug Fox. He’s positively yummy. I want a guy like him. Literally.
The storyline is fine. Not very original but yeah, it’s pretty good.
I did not feel bored at any point of time. Zoey and Doug have got you rooting for them till the end.
Though the book has some sex scenes (like every typical teenage book) I think it’s written pretty darn well. I have had some bad (translate, horrific) experiences with explicit content in books and the way the author portrays the sex in this book, though not the best, is fine.
If you think high school drama is not your thing then maybe this is not for you. Because Zoey can be so damn naïve, it leaves you frustrated. Of course, the fact that she’s dealing with a father who does not care poop about her, a step mom who’s so fake, she’s plastic, a mom who’s shut in the ‘loony bin’ as her dad calls it, it’s no wonder that she behaves the way she does. I mean I’m pretty sure I would have behaved the same way if I were in her shoes.
However, if you’re fine with high school drama then you definitely have a page turner over here.
All in all I wouldn’t say that this is a ‘must read’ but it’s definitely a good read.

Serena xoxo

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