Friday, 29 November 2013

(Review) Neutrogena Norwegian Formula LipBalm

Winter = Dryness = Chapped Lips

I love winter, but with winter there comes the need for extra protection of our skin.

After noticing that my lips were getting chapped and painful, I decided to buy a lip balm. I wanted to buy a LipIce lip balm but unfortunately, it’s not available where I stay. And I didn’t want a Nivea lip balm even though they’re pretty popular as I find them really greasy and heavy on my lips.

As I was going through the rack, my eyes fell on the Neutrogena lip balm, or rather, the ‘Made in Korea’ sign. And, being the Korean freak that I am, immediately bought it. It’s a love hate relationship for me. *sigh*

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip moisturizer or in other words, balm, comes in an opaque white tube with blue and red lettering and what I believe to be the Norwegian flag. The packaging has a very clinical look to it and I wish they’d made it a little more feminine but I guess they were also aiming this product towards men. I like the fact that the list of ingredients is very clearly given.

This product has a very medicated smell to it. I’m betting it’s the benzophenone. Now don’t get me wrong, coz I’m not a Chemistry student. I just happened to be hanging out with my friends when they were in the lab mixing stuff together and she added benzene to something and it smelled exactly like my lip balm. And in case you’re wondering about why I’m not a chemistry student, let’s just say that if I were, the explosions in the lab would have been Archie style.

Anyways, back to the product.

The balm does not slide on as easily ad I’d want it to, but it’s no biggie. Conditioning wise it’s pretty good but if I don’t use it for a day or two, my lips start cracking again. It’s not very greasy and gives the lips a healthy gloss without being over the top.

So in the end, I’d say that for 125 INR, though the lip balm is worth it, I wouldn't buy it again because of the smell.

Serena xoxo


  1. Happy New Year my Dear :))
    Wow amazing Blog i Like it a lot :) maybe be support each other.


  2. Replies
    1. It's probably because i'm not used to it. It smelt way too sterile :P


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