Tuesday, 16 July 2013

(Review) Marcel Marongiu in Raspberry

I think it’s become a tradition for mom to gift me Oriflame lip glosses 
for my birthday but hey! Who’s complaining? Not me, that’s for sure!
This time mom bought a Marcel Marongiu (whoever he is) lip-gloss in raspberry.  

Read on to see how it scores on Unhealthy Obsessions.

Oh but before I go on about the lipstick, remember the national level debate I'd mentioned in my previous post? Well, honestly, I sucked next to the others there but the exposure was wonderful and I'm already looking forward for the next debate which will be held next year.

Next up, I have photography and makeup contest but I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend it. I ended up spraining my leg yesterday. How? That’s the best part! There was nothing and no one in my way! I just tripped over my own two feet. What can I say? I'ma klutz!

Now, on with the review…

The Product:
I’m reviewing a lip gloss by Oriflame in the Marcel Marongiu line in Raspberry. It’s a pretty matte shade in raspberry pink. It’s perfect for everyday use.

The Packaging:  
It comes  in a transparent tube allowing you to check out the color of the gloss plus you get to know when the gloss is almost over. I find the packaging very chic because of the silhouette of the woman in silver. It gives a very elegant yet funky twist to it.

The applicator:
I like the applicator. It’s easy to use and even spreading the gloss over my lips is easy unlike the gloss booster lip-gloss from oriflame (Review coming up soon) where spreading the gloss on my lips evenly is a herculean task.

Texture, Coverage and Staying Power:
The gloss is thick and sticky but not so thick that you cannot spread it properly. The stickiness gives it more staying power. It gives a sheer coverage, but it’s such a pretty shade I’m going to embark on a lipstick hunt to try and find the same shade. I like the staying power, which is pretty good when compared to my other glosses. IT lasts for about two hours even with my licking and drinking water. But if I eat anything, I have to go in for a light touch up.

I luuuuurve the fragrance. It has a very fruity smell, perfect for summer.

329 INR for 14 ml.


Without flash

With Flash

Has a long lasting power
Smells yummy
Can be used at anytime of the day or even night
Applicator is easy to use
Affordable, especially for so much of product. It’ll probably last me for a year or two.

Availability might be an issue
People with pigmented lips might not like it

Rating - ♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥

So what do you think about the Marcel Marongiu lip-gloss?


Serena xoxo 

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