Wednesday, 10 July 2013

(Review) Oriflame Power Shine Lip Gloss in Soft Coral

Ayo beautiful ladies! Ya’ll look lovely today! Remember – you’re precious, you’re beautiful and God loves you. ^_^

It seems to me that almost every blog post of mine contains an apology for not updating sooner and I apologize from the depths of my heart. I swear I mean to update my blog but I ended up procrastinating for so long, my internet decided to bail on me. -_-

Anyways, I finally got it running again and decided to review my Oriflame lip-gloss.

Mom surprised me with this lip-gloss a long time ago and I decided that it was about time I reviewed it. As you can see it’s almost empty. That’s how long it took me to actually get my ass off the bed and click pictures.

The product:
I’m reviewing the Oriflame Power Shine Lip-gloss in Soft Coral. It is a pretty pink and the only pink lip-gloss I use. It has silver micro glitters which reflect off the light whenever it falls on the gloss. However the sparkle is subtle and not a  - hey you, look at my bling bling lips kind of a sparkle. 

The lip-gloss comes in a transparent cylindrical tube which allows you to check out the color of the lip-gloss and has silver writing on it.

The applicator:
Frankly, I find the applicator to be an ouch – ouch in the poo-poo.  It is not very convenient to use as half the time the product doesn’t even come onto it. And when it does, spreading it over your lips evenly is a herculean task. It applies very streak-ily if you know what I mean.

Texture, coverage and staying power:
It is very watery and doesn’t stay on for long. I would say it fades off in about an hour. However, it does leave back the glitter. Also, it is very sheer so I prefer using it over a matte lipstick to give it that extra oomph factor. 

I looooooooooooove the fragrance! It smells of water melons – Om non nom! (That’s supposed to be me saying its good enough to eat. Om nom nom… Get it?)

I’m not sure, it was a gift you see.


Smells good
Will suit any skin tone

Doesn’t last for long
The applicator sucks
It is sheer so people with pigmented lips might not like it
♥ It’s sparkly, sparkly so people who prefer matte shades might not like                                    it.

Oh and in other news, my talents are finally being recognized! In school I used to be totally shy and no one knew what I could do. But ever since I changed my school (Currently I’m in eleventh grade) all my talents have been recognized. July is a busy month. I’m participating in a national level debate (And I’m poop scared FYI) and will be leaving tomorrow, which is incidentally, my birthday. I hate travelling on my birthday but it’s a national level debate so no complains. :D

And then on the nineteenth I have a national level Essay competition to attend. (and I agree my blog doesn’t really show my writing skills, what with my unedited posts full of mistakes.) And then I’m going for photography and make up contests. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win the makeup contest because it’s a school level contest and I doubt the fact that I’d be coming up against a professional. I’m thinking of a Mardi Gras theme… what do you say?  But I guess I shouldn’t get too over confident. Pride does, after all, come before a leap. 

So before this goes and takes up more of your time, I shall log off. Toodles La Bella’s (I hope that was correct!) and take care!



Serena xoxo

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