Friday, 18 October 2013

K-Drama: The Heirs Episode One


The Heirs Episode One

I’m not much of a Korean Drama fan (I’m more of a K-pop gal) but I’m getting hooked! After seeing all the hype over The Heirs, I finally decided to check it out. My expectations of the drama were quite high because of all the hype surrounding it and Lee Min Ho, who happens to be oh so totally gorgeous! I just love his look in City Hunter! He’s like this bad ass hunky dude! He’s just so yummy! He’s –

Okay! Back to the topic! The Heirs disappointed me within the first forty-eight seconds. Whoever sang that English song… Words fail to describe my feelings! I’m a stickler for correctly pronounced words but I’m guessing the guy’s accent threw the song off so I ignored it.

I then told myself that first impressions are not always the right ones and that the drama will most probably be good because Lee Minho is starring in it.

 One minute twenty eight seconds later, I bang my head against the table. I’ve always considered Lee Min Ho to be an amazing actor… but when he speaks in English without any feelings I cry. Almost. It’s like he’s saying it just for the heck of it..

But then two minutes fifty seconds later, I’m back to admiring Lee Minho’s skills. The forlorn look on his face and the way he said that dialogue so bluntly, it took my breath away. Okay! The Heirs was back on track! But then the overacting white dude ruined it all. I mean “You don’t hate them blah, blah, blah…” I think he should have paused a little and sent Lee Minho a questioning look instead of drinking tea (or whatever) immediately. He’s such a pathetic actor. I could have done a better job!

Park Shin Hye’s acting leaves me speechless! It’s ah-mazing! I love that girl and the funky mouth her character has. *learns new tips from Cha Eun Sung*

Thirty five minutes into the drama I’m cringing. I’d like to slap That American dude on his face, over exaggerating fellow that he is. How could they even cast him in the drama? Reason number two to cringe… Lee Minho!

Stop Talking In English!

Aish! The English is killing me! Plus all that surfing is making me sea sick!

**note: Whenever Lee Minho is talking in English, his acting seems fake. Obviously he’s not comfortable with English scenes.

Park Shin Hye blows me away with her acting! I bet she’s gonna be awarded for this. The way she screams, so realistically that too! But I don’t get it! If she’s screaming her head off aren’t people like, supposed to stare at her and give her the are-you-mental looks? And don’t people usually give a damn when a person is crying her head off in the middle of the road on a crowded beach? *shrugs*

Okay, now who runs off after a guy who steals a packet of bean powder and leaves behind her suitcase of clothes and the likes of it? I mean aren’t your clothes more valuable than bean powder with all due respect.

And that Jay (American) dude is such a shithead. I’m pretty sure drugs are white in color. Not yellow. *facepalm*

**Note: Police dude did a better job than the white dude in acting

And that’s that for The Heirs Episode one. I’m gonna check out Episode number two today. Wish me luck!

Serena xoxo

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this post are mine alone. Plus, I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s sentiment. If you think there’s a problem with my post, let me know and I’ll look it up.


  1. Lol, is the English as hilarious as it was in Boys Over Flowers? :P
    On a side note, if you haven't already- watch My Name is Sam Soon for a handsome Daniel Henney and his sexeh voice! Plus Hyun Bin and hilarious situations :D

    1. It's been so long since I saw Boys over Flowers... I don't remember anything! :O
      But trust me... Nothing hilarious about this one! Just cringe - worthy. -_-
      Daniel Henney - So cute! ♥.♥
      Me gonna check out My Name is Sam Soon... Tonight! :D

  2. such a funny review, really enjoyed reading this :)

  3. Gosh this takes me back to the days I used to watch a lot of korean dramas! My favorite was Pasta :) It was fun reading this post!

  4. Nice review, I stay on here and work so much I do not have much time for tv or movies. But it is relaxing and should do more of it!

  5. wow I'll have to look this up :D #giglove

  6. Ahh, I have to watch this! Love me some Lee Min Ho

  7. I'm not really a fan of Korean dramas but I love Lee Min Ho!!! <3 Looking forward to this show! :D

  8. has this drama just started? I don't have cable at home, but will definitley try and see if i can stream it online. Thanks for the post dear!

  9. I haven't watched a K-drama in so long! The last one was "Goong". I've been to a couple of Lee Min Ho events though! :)


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