Sunday, 8 September 2013

(Review) The Loreal Paris Liss Ultime Hair Serum

Before I start this post I’d like to say a quick prayer of gratitude to the Lord Almighty for giving people the brains required to make this miracle!

This is like one of the best hair serums I’ve ever used! I actually bought two bottles of the serum – one a 50ml and the other 125ml. And the worst part? Both were for the same cost! #Ifeelsorippedoff

Sigh! But anyways, let’s get on with the review. Why don’t we start with the

The smaller bottle comes in a deep lavender glass bottle while the larger one comes in a pale lavender plastic bottle. Both of them have a gray pump dispenser.

Texture wise it is neither oily nor wet. And when I first applied it on my hair it was so light, I just didn’t know if the serum had transferred onto my hair or not. But it had. And it’s like one pump and the serum in your hand is enough for you.

When applied, the serum softens your hair, tones down the dryness and adds a shine to your hair. But the best part is how soft my hair becomes. I just keep playing with my hair you know. Plus it’s easier for me to detangle my hair when I use it.

It has a very mild fragrance which I just love.

 Price wise, both the bottles are 580 INR so I suggest that you buy the big bottle because it’ll last you for ages! My cousin bought the bottle and has been using it regularly… for the past two years. So I would say this buy is definitely worth it!

I think the only disadvantage would be that if you use this serum, you’ll have to wash your hair the very next day because it becomes so greasy. Sigh! I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds… Can you?

As you can see, my hair is dull and does not reflect the sun light properly.

And that is after applying the serum. FYI the highlights are natural!  

 Over all rating -  <3 <3 <3 <3

What do you think about the L’Oreal Serum?

Serena xoxo


  1. I've tried using this serum, but I feel that its too heavy for my hair! Too bad about the price differences for your serum hun =(

  2. thanks for the review, I love the serum but I was hesitant before I bought it. so glad I did, using a little less than one full pump of it will allow you to wash your hair every second day so I just press down lightly for half a pump.


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