Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lotus Herbals Kajal Review

I have a feeling my friends are getting sick and tired of me complaining about not finding the perfect kajal.... So I'm here with my review of Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal. I've heard a lot about it but I'm a bit disappointed with it.


♣ PRODUCT NAME: Natural Kajal
♣ COMPANY: Lotus
♣ PRICE: 125 INR
♣ ADDED ENRICHMENTS: Camphor and Almond oil


The kajal is good. No doubt about it. It glides on easily, is super dark and easy to use. However, my first problem as I soon realized, was the cap. As you can see it's one small, meddlesome *beep beep beep  thing Excuse the profanities but it's really had me riled up!      

And the next obstacle I faced was when my eye started watering. The camphor (I'm guessing) was irritating my eyes and giving a burning sensation! However, the lasting power of this kajal is AMAZING even though it does smudge contrary to it's claims of being 'smudge free'. As the name suggests it's natural. The packaging is good...Except for the cap. Sigh! that cap will be the death of me!

So anyways... Here are a few pics...

Not very clear! sorry!

RATING - ♥♥1/2/♥♥♥♥ [A huge cut for that bothersome cap!]

And that's it for the Lotus review! 

P.S - What do you feel about this kajal?

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